Is the scp foundation real

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The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative-fiction project of the same name. Today we bring you a The SCP Foundation Explained Animation, and it's many horror!LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to TheRubber Channel Today!The SCP foundation is a major o. Item #: SCP-1128 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Written descriptions or imagery of SCP-1128's appearance, or videos of the entity "breaching" (see Addendum 1128-3) found outside the Foundation are to be destroyed, and class-C amnestics are to be administered to anyone exposed to such information or showing signs of SCP-1128 contamination. The Choir Below — She who sings the deep. We take a close look at the lore of the SCP foundation - from the horrors and distrurbing anomalies contained within, to the backstory of the SCP foundation. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. SCP-2718. It was located after an interview with a young girl suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, after a.

Is the scp foundation real

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The main regulatory organization for this location is the SCP Foundation, and the surveillance facility is Site-CN-49 located in Hunan Province, China. The Foundation is portrayed as being responsible for capturing, containing, and studying various paranormal, supernatural, and other mysterious phenomena unexplained by science, known as "anomalies. However, SCP-024 itself had been abandoned since 19 , and it is unknown whether its special properties manifested before or after its abandonment.

The project’s real-world website ( scp-wiki. Item #: SCP-017 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: SCP-017 is contained in an acrylic glass cage, 100 cm by 50 cm by 50 cm, centrally suspended in a concrete room measuring 6 m by 6 m by 4 m. Although there are countless writings about the SCP Foundation, that is all they are, writings. Item #: SCP-2750 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Currently, the Foundation has 3 SCP-2750 instances in containment.

There are many factors that can lead to a damaged foundation, such as weather climates and the age of your home. Locke's Proposal" by "Shaggydredlocks" from the SCP Wiki. ….

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After approximately two hours, each containment chamber is to be transported to a randomly designated Foundation site via self-driving trucks. 2 refurbished battleships, purchased from the United States military, have been assigned to this task force.

A few eagles screamed across the sky, their sleek triangular forms outlining the stark emptiness of the Almerian badlands. Liana youtube channel :https://wwwcom/channel/UCSLz1UwL0XO4fWaagyqNCdw According to provided accounts, "The Real Adventures in Capitalism" consists of two 13 episode seasons, first airing in late 2013 and ending in the spring of 2018. I'm not sure which scares.

usaa physical locations Unauthorized viewing of this file is strictly prohibited and will be considered a violation of Foundation contracts and a breach of international law. A tracking device has been attached to SCP-073's person and is not to be removed. Item #: SCP-6004. midwestfreaksbelavi outdoor rattan sectional Mobile Task Forces Tau-4 and Epsilon-6 have succeeded in establishing a defensible perimeter around the Hyde Park district of SCP-1678, with cases of SCP-1678-A largely ceasing their attacks on the perimeter of the Foundation-held area. Whether you are a student, a professional, or an entrepreneur, having a strong foundat. aubrey chesna Stories should inspire Wonder - a sense that there is a larger world beyond the one we know. The SCP Wiki is a collaborative speculative fiction website about the SCP Foundation, a secretive organization that contains anomalous or supernatural items and entities away from the eyes of the public. vera bradley factory outlet branson productscash 4 smart pick middayyankees score tonight game Item #: SCP-017 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: SCP-017 is contained in an acrylic glass cage, 100 cm by 50 cm by 50 cm, centrally suspended in a concrete room measuring 6 m by 6 m by 4 m. Jun 25, 2023 · Basically, in the SCP-5000 universe, as far as I understand it, the foundation found out something about SCP 579 was so horrible that the death of all of humanity was a preferable alternative to whatever it was going to do. cheap fixer upper homes for sale For more information, read the Licensing Guide. The exact details of how these classes are assigned can vary greatly depending on the article, but they pertain mostly to how the Foundation contains the SCP and the complications that are involved in the process Traditionally, SCPs are assigned one of multiple different Object Classes (sometimes called. craigslist mexia txmarriott vacations worldwidenanit baby monitor The Wanderer's Library features the endless fantastical stories contained within the Library, home to the Serpents Hand and readers of all shapes and sizes.